This Virtual Day Spa is designed especially for the ARTIST in you! 
Life is full of stresses!  In order to live peaceful and balanced, it is CRUCIAL for you PAMPER YOURSELF!  So STOP & give yourself a day of
relaxation, renewal & rejuvenation of mind, body, & soul. 
With this renewal you will experience greater inspiration and creativity!!

June 26 & 27, 2020


Jin Shin Jyutsu 

by Jenny Swiecicki

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art of harmonizing the energy of spirit, mind, and body.  This class will empower you to literally "take your health into your own hands" with simple, hands-on self-help practices which increase awareness, health and well being.

Drawing in Presence

by Julianna Poldi

Experience the benefit of intentional Mark Making, drawing out your emotions in a safe and supportive environment.  Simple yet profound results at your fingertips.  No drawing experience necessary.  Tools required are 3 sheets of paper and pencil or pen.  

Boost Your Creativity with Energy Healing

by Heather Woodman

Negative emotions on mental, emotional, and physical levels are the main blocks of our creativity.  In this class Heather will use the simple, proven and effective SimplyHealed method to clear those blocks. She'll even teach you some beneficial healing techniques you can use yourself anytime anywhere.

Creative Meditation:
Exercises for Authentic Self-Awareness

by Bodhi Simpson, LCPC, ATR

In this highly experiential workshop you will work with an art therapist to discover the power of creative expression that reaches beyond the mind and accesses an authentic place within that grounds, restores, and nourishes us. You will participate in guided visualization and creative exercises designed to increase your capacity for mindfulness. Participants will be empowered to open their hearts and learn methods to increase feelings of self-compassion and gratitude, which are vital for experiencing a truly joyful life. It is important to create and sustain space in our lives for moments of quiet self-awareness. Through creative expression we are able to become fully immersed and engaged in the experience, enabling us to savor the moment and experience inner peace.

Materials: 11 X 14 Paper, several pieces of 8X10 paper, a dinner plate, pen/pencil, chalk pastels

    Mindful Creativity

by Heather Woodman

Imagine creating unencumbered by blocks holding you back from creating and living your true vision.  In this class we will tap into the very essence of true creation as we tap into the power of your mind through visualization and manifestation techniques.   

Abstract Fun

by Julianna Poldi

Painting is FUN and Abstract painting can SET you FREE.  Bring your curiosity and a sense of play.  With 30 years experience as an abstract painter, Julianna knows how to Unleash the Abstract Artist in you.


Jenny Swiecicki

Jenny loves empowering people to literally “take their health into their own hands” with simple, hands-on self-help practices which increase awareness, health and well being.  With over 20 years experience as a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and herbalist, Jenny brings the gifts of intuition, compassionate presence and a simple delivery to her classes and to individual client sessions.

Julianna Poldi

Julianna Poldi has developed a creative intervention method she calls Drawing in Presence, which helps children and adults process their emotions through mark-making.  Simple, yet profound, the permission and encouragement to make marks with no need for analysis is transformative.
In addition, Julianna shares her gift for teaching Abstract Painting with groups and individuals, iPoldi facilitates freedom, coupled with creativity, so that her students feel safe to experience painting in an entirely new way.  
Whether she is working on an abstracted landscape, a commissioned, site-specific project or one of her powerful Heart Series paintings, Julianna Poldi’s work always resonates with the mantra:  “Feel the beauty inside.

Heather Woodman

Heather has always had a passion for light.  As a transformational life coach, manifestation facilitator and SimpleHealed energy practitioner,  she strives to bring that light out in everyone.  
She started with a passion for performing and sharing that light on stages all over the world.  She started teaching voice over 25 years ago and has continued teaching, directing and performing shows in schools, community theater and church productions. As a mother of 3 and she focused on raising them with light and love.  She co-founded a theatre company called Loudoun Centre Theatre.  She has directed productions such as Savior of the World, Guys and Dolls, Music Man, See How They Run, and many more.  She uses all skills and tools for her clients to Embrace Healing and Empower Authentic Living for themselves.

Bodhi Simpson

Bodhi  is an art therapist in Maine. She has an art therapy practice in Waterville, Maine called Conscious Art Therapy and is a co-founder of Vast Horizons Center for Personal Growth in Brunswick, Maine. Additionally Bodhi is teaching artist, a workshop and retreat facilitator and an adjunct college instructor. Bodhi most enjoys teaching others how to consciously work with imagination, creativity, intuition and metaphor. 

Day's Schedule

9:00  Julianna:  Drawing in Presence

10:00 Heather:  Creating Mindfully

11:00 Bodhi:  Creative Meditation

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Heather:  Boost Your Creativity with Energy Healing

2:00 Julianna:  Abstract Play

3:00 Jenny: Jin Shin Jyutsu